Sharing the Vibe (Giving Back)

Each year Local Vibe Rentals will help the community it serves by allowing users to vote on a local charity of choice of which a percentage of profits will be donated. The Giving Back page will be updated with photos and information about how that money is donated or used to support our local communities.



2018 Sharing the Vibe:

PALS Programs


PALS is an organization for young adults with Down Syndrome that was founded in Hillsborough, NJ. They hold Camps each year around the country where campers are paired with counselors of their own age and engage in a week long of activities and fun.  For more information, visit 

On June 22nd and August 4th 2018, Local Vibe Rentals will be helping out this organization by participating in a Casino night. These casino nights help the campers learn basic number skills all while having fun.

Checkout the 2017 Casino Night here: